How to download Ubuntu Server 18.10 ?

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You can download the newest version of Ubuntu Server directly from official ubuntu website or via torrent. I prefer downloading from torrents because it’s faster and you can help ubuntu open source community by providing some upload bandwidth to other ubuntu users who want to download 🙂

What we have new in this version 18.10 ?

New version OpenSSL1.1.1

Linux Kernel .. new ubuntu is based on new kernel 4.18

Toolchain Upgrades
Ubuntu 18.10 comes with refreshed state of the art toolchain.

QEMU was updated to 2.12 release.

libvirt was updated to version 4.6

and some other issues were fixed !

look on below image how new version looks via open ssh :

You can download ubuntu from official website :

link :

or torrent :

  Beware of infected torrents on popular trackers