How to update Ubuntu Desktop Linux ?

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It is very good to update our Ubuntu linux from time to time if we want to have our system secure and prevent hackers from stealing important data from our disk. 

In Ubuntu it is very easy to update all packages with security updates, and in this article I will show you how to do this + I will post some images.

I’m using at my home and also at my work the newest Ubuntu Distribution 18.10 Desktop x64 version.

To update our system + packages we need to run “Ubuntu Software”

My Ubuntu is up to date so I can’t show on image what to update, but you need to just click “Update” button to start updating process.

Ubuntu system packages up to date

After successfull update you need to restart your system to finish update, it is required !

How to configure Ubuntu auto update

If we want to be always safe and wanna make sure that our system is always up to date, we can configure ubuntu to receive instant available updates, it’s very easy and available to configure via “Software & Update”

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