Google Pay – everything you need to know before you start to use this service.

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Android Pay/Google Pay is a service that allows you to combine payments using a phone running Android with credit, debit and payment cards. However, before some owners of Android devices are happy, they need to know a few things and make sure that their bank and device support this function. You can find these and other information in our guide.

First, make sure that your bank and card issuer allow you to connect it to Google Pay

Also, smartphones are covered by restrictions, so you will have to check if your Google Pay is compatible. To use this service on a mobile device, Android 4.4 or later must be installed and must support NFC connectivity. Failure to meet these requirements will result in you being unable to connect your card to Google Pay. It’s also important to note that cards that are associated with business accounts will not work in the Google payments service. Associated with Google Pay can only be “plastics” that apply to individual accounts.

The Google Pay app must first be downloaded from the Google Play store. Then we can proceed to the process of adding a card.

Do you meet the requirements of Google Pay? All you need to do is add your card.

To do this you need to install a dedicated program on your device. All you need to do is go to the Google Play store and find the Google Pay app there – download it and launch it. If you’ve ever connected a credit card to your Google account, the application will suggest you pair it. If you do not want to do this, you can go further and add another payment method manually.
Google Pay makes it easy. You can scan the card with your smartphone’s camera or enter its data in a traditional way. At the end you will be asked to verify the entire process via SMS or e-mail.

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Pay with Google Pay – what do you need to know about?

If you use several cards with Google Pay, you should know that one of them is the default method of payment, by means of which we pay fees without having to unlock the smartphone. If you only want to pay once with a different card, you’ll need to go to the Google Pay app and select the appropriate card before making the payment. In this way, you will pay for purchases in stores marked with “Android Pay or Google pay” logo.

Using Google Pay is as simple as paying with traditional “plastic”.

If you have a problem paying with Google Pay, but you meet all the technical conditions, check whether you are using a rooted device and whether the Samsung MyKnox service does not cause any problems. Additionally, determine if the NFC module is functioning properly.