7 the best anti-viruses on Android.

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How to effectively defend an Android device from malware and other viruses? Here are 7 best applications for protection – they have been selected in terms of effectiveness, function and comfort of use.

7 best anti-virus applications for Android

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security 3.1 – (5,5/6)

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security detected 99.1% malware, including 99.9% of malware from the last four weeks, which cost the application a half-point loss. In addition, it gave one false alarm during the installation and use of a harmless application from Google Play. It has good functionality, blocking connections, secure browsing of networks and mechanisms blocking attempts to steal data. But no parental controls, no encryption and the ability to back up your data.

Avast Mobile Security 6.11 – (5,5/6)

Avast Mobile Security 6.11 detected 99.8% of malware, including 99.7% from the last four weeks. The application had no negative impact on the battery life or slowed down the device. It also did not raise any false alarm when installing the application from Play and other places. The Safe Browsing function protects well against phishing and malicious code pages. The application has a practical connection blocking. The Wi-Fi network and installed applications were not available.

AVG AntiVirus Free 6.11 – (5,5/6)

AVG AntiVirus Free 6.11 showed virus detection efficiency of 99.9%, while in the case of the latest threats it was 99.6%. There was not a single false alarm at work. Nice features like blocking calls, remote data deletion, secure browsing, Wi-fi protection, privacy advisor. What is missing? Parental control, encryption and checking incoming messages.

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Bitdefender Mobile Security Version 3.3 – (6/6)

Version 3.3 worked perfectly – detected all viruses, whether new or older. At the same time, it did not affect the battery life or operating system speed in any way. During the installation and use of the application (from Google Play and other sources) he never raised a false alarm. Unlike most anti-virus applications for Android, Bitdefender has a wide range of features against thieves – remote device blocking, location, remote data removal – and anti-phishing and for safe browsing of the network. There is no blocking of connections, blocking applications and filtering messages. There is a data encryption function, but it does not support all of its types.

F-Secure Safe 17.5 – (6/5,5)

F-Secure Safe detected overall 99.6% of threats, including 100% of the latest ones. The application does not generate heavy traffic, it also has no negative impact on the battery. As for the false alarms, there was only one – when installing a harmless app from outside the Google Play Store. On the plus side, you should count the functions of parental controls, the mode of safe network browsing, blocking connections and privacy of the application.

G Data Internet Security 26.5 – (6/6)

G Data’s Internet Security has the most features from all tested applications – from remote blocking to parental controls. One could complain that there was no data encryption and the ability to save private files in the cloud or on an SD card. But the detection of all threats was 100%. Works unnoticed without affecting the battery or the use of the phone in any way. There were no false alarms when installing any application. In a one word – perfectly.

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Kaspersky Lab Internet Security Version 11.18 – (6/6)

Kaspersky Lab’s Android scanner caught 99.9% of malicious programs, including all of the last four weeks. The optimal result of the comfort of use was given for the lack of impact on the device operation and battery life, as well as functions such as remote blocking and erasing of data, location, message filtering, anti-phishing protection and safe browsing. In addition, it has an anti-phishing option for text files.

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