iOS 13 with dark theme. Apple is finally going to fulfill users’ dreams

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How will 2019 be remembered on the smartphone and tablet market? Probably like a year of dark interfaces. We’ve already learned that dark colors are supposed to hit Android’s Q. However, new information indicates that Apple will also join “Google” – more news is coming in iOS 13.

The last big update of iOS, which was marked with the number 12, resulted primarily in stability and higher efficiency on older iPhones. Yes, Apple has added a long-awaited grouping of notifications, a function measuring the time spent in front of the display or improvement in the application “Photos”, but it’s still too little to talk about really big news. During the premiere of “iOS 12” there appeared unofficial information that for larger changes users of Apple products will come to wait for the next big release – “iOS 13“. It is possible that this will be the case.

New iOS with dark theme

If Apple decided to conduct a survey among users of the iPhone, which would concern the expected news, it is highly likely that the first place would be just a dark theme. In the end, even at night, darker colors can change into a higher comfort of using the device, and in addition, they can positively affect the work time on a single charge.

For people who are waiting to add a dark mode in iOS, we have good news. However, you should keep in mind that it does not come from Apple, although you can not talk about ordinary gossip. The information was provided by a source that can be considered highly reliable. According to 9to5Mac, referring to the latest report made available by Bloomberg, among the novelties in iOS 13 will be just a dark theme.

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It is expected that after its activation, new colors will appear not only in the entire system, but also in applications provided by Apple. The new color mode will also appear in Apple CarPlay. It is worth noting that some applications are now available in darker colors – Clock, Calculator, Watch, Activity or Stock Market. However, this is the only mode in which they are displayed. The user can not choose if he wants to use brighter or darker colors.

We’ll wait a bit longer for iOS 13

The new iOS will probably be presented this summer at the WWDC conference. Then, after the beta test, it will probably be released in a stable release in September. Of course, the aforementioned changes are only part of the new features that will appear in iOS 13. Apple, after the release of the last boring update, should prepare a breath of fresh air.