This application will let you find real love, not what Tinder does

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Love straight from Tinder? However, it is impossible to hide that the application has revolutionized the way of dating on the internet. Dog lovers have used similar solutions.

Tinder, dogs, love? How to combine these three things? It is not said from today that the best friends of a man who loves infinitely are the four-legged ones. Unfortunately, there is still a huge crowd in the shelters, and poor animals can only wait for someone to take in and love them. Today’s technology helps to simplify the whole adoption procedure, and certainly the first step – to find the right dog. All you have to do is go to the website of a particular institution or reach for a special application that will facilitate your search.

Okay, but where’s Tinder in all this? The application for searching the second half uses a very simple mechanism for scrolling photos. Sliding your finger on the screen to the left means no interest and going to the next candidate, moving to the right means liking. If the other side also gives us a heart, we can start a conversation. The creators of the GetPet application benefited from this solution. However, in this case, on the other side, we are dealing with residents of shelters who are waiting for a new home.

The idea seems fantastic. Vaidas Gecevicius, one of the creators of GetPet, openly says that their solution is such a Tinder, only for people looking for a four-legged friend for life. The application includes dogs from shelters, with full descriptions, photos and the opportunity to make an appointment and if everything goes properly, adoption. GetPet will provide access to qualified behaviorists who, during the first two weeks after adoption, will help in possible problems with new household members.

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Unfortunately, only people living in Lithuania will benefit from GetPet at the moment – GetPet offers access to Lithuanian shelters. The application is very popular and soon cats will come to it. However, we will have to wait a bit if we expand our business.