Google Chrome: The official collection of themes has been published

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A total of 14 new graphic themes, prepared directly by the Chrome team, appeared in the Chrome Web Store.

As you know, the functionality of themes in Chrome is not particularly extensive. In fact, the skins let you change only the color of the interface in several top-down places, with particular emphasis on the upper beam; a strip of open tabs, address and bookmarks.

The producer’s themes themselves are also not exaggerated, just a dozen different flat color variants, consistent with the Material Design style.

Google Chrome themes – how to install

Chrome does not have any theme management system, so you add them directly from the Chrome Web Store like any other extension.

The message will inform you about the successful skin change. By typing in address bar chrome://settings/ you can restore the browser’s default appearance.

It is not possible to have multiple themes at once; downloading the next skin overwrites the current one. According to Google, major changes will come with the implementation of dark support in Windows 10 and macOS 10.14. However, the deadline for implementation remains unknown.

Make Google Chrome Look Better

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