In the world, almost 4,000 pirated sites have been blocked

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Portugal in one line with Italy and Russia. The Motion Picture Association presented a new report on blocking pirate websites. We’ve learned from the document that currently access to a total of 3,966 sites and 8,150 current domain names has been excluded globally. The blockades are most often imposed by European countries, and the leaders of the ranking are rather surprising.

The MPA report indicates that pirate websites are currently blocked in 31 countries. The problem of blockages does not apply to Africa, the United States and Canada. The largest restrictions are in force in Portugal and Italy. There were 944 and 855 pirate pages blocked respectively. Access to 297 sites has been restricted in Russia, and 175 in the United Kingdom. In each of these four countries, there are administrative procedures under which the parties can be blocked.

However, it is not the decisions of officials that are the most common reason for imposing restrictions. As much as 53 percent of websites are blocked under civil law judgments, 42 percent due to administrative decisions, and the last 5 percent by criminal judgments. The number of websites blocked significantly increased after 2014, reaching the level of over 1000 pages per year.

It is worth mentioning that the first country that forced blockade of the pirate site was Denmark. It happened in 2006 and concerned the AllOfMP3 service. Two years later, in the same country, it was ordered to cut off access to The Pirate Bay. Currently, 151 sites are blocked in Denmark, which puts this country in the upper part of the rate. However, followers in the form of Portugal and Italy will significantly overtake the precursor of imposing restrictions on Internet users.

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