Learn languages by watching Netflix, thanks to the new Chrome extension

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There are quite a few ways to learn a language. Of course, not everyone wants to sit and learn from textbooks for hours. But not everyone can afford to travel abroad and study in a country where the language we are interested in is used. And what if you could combine language learning with something pleasant, such as watching your favorite productions on Netflix?

Thanks to the new extension to Google Chrome, it is possible. Language Learning with Neflix works in a simple way: it displays the subtitles in two languages on your screen: yours and the one you want to know. It uses the database of videos and subtitles of the streaming website – at the moment, more than 400 titles are available in the extension catalog.

The extension was created by two developers: David Wilkinson and Ognjen Apic. They tried to create their own language learning software for a long time.

The best effects tool gives people who already know the basics of the language. It offers a vocabulary highlight that highlights less commonly used words in gray. If we hit such a word, a pop-up window with information from the dictionary will be displayed, as well as the option to reproduce the word in order to learn its exact pronunciation.

LLN is currently completely free, however, the creators do not exclude the possibility of introducing a paid option in the future. It would offer access to new subtitles that match what the actors in the movie say. At the moment, the extension uses the Netflix subtitle database, but quite often the subtitles and dialogues in a given language do not coincide.

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LLN is available in the Chrome browser (using the appropriate extension also on the Opera) and is completely free. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to learn on a tablet or Smart TV. Wilkinson and Apic, however, are considering discussions with Netflix and getting help from the site, thanks to which their language learning program will be better and more easily available.