Android Q without a back button? Google relies on gesture control

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Editors of the XDA-Developers portal about a month ago reached the early version of Android Q and have since found a lot of curiosities about the upcoming release of the software from Google. The latest discovery clearly shows that the giant from Mountain View wants to put on gestures at all costs and maybe soon get rid of the back button.

The change to the gesture buttons on Android Pie caused quite a stir among the part of the community that could not get used to the new “control” and gestures. Of course, a large percentage of users were satisfied with the path chosen by Google and praised the company for introducing a comfortable way of navigating the smartphone.

Now the company is going one step further and everything indicates that the Android Q will have only one button (the middle one), and the control should be done only with gestures. The following material from XDA-Developers showed how these gestures in the early version of the system work well. For example – a short swipe up will allow you to open a horizontal view of recently launched applications, and a quick shift to the right will open the program we used recently.

Exclusive: This is Android Q’s New Gestures – No More Back Button?

It must be emphasized once again that we are talking about a very early version of the system, so the gesture control presented may be just one of thousands of Google’s experimental ideas about the new navigation system. Who knows, maybe the company will not make any changes when it comes to this aspect? However, we will get to know everything only in May during Google I / O 2019.