Opera on Android has the possibility of quickly turning off adblock

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Ad blocking is an extremely useful feature – especially in mobile browsers. Often, however, the situation happens when for some reasons we want to disable adblock on a specific page (or at any given time). To do this, we have to go through several layers of settings and only then the opportunity is revealed to us. Opera says STOP and introduces a comfortable zipper.

The company decided in version 50 mobile browser to add an option to disable or enable adblock on a given page directly from the level of the portal visited. Opera claims that in this way, the user will not be discouraged so quickly to the websites and thanks to the introduced slider will stay on them a bit longer, because the request to disable ad blocking will not force him to add them to the so-called. white list.

However, this is not the end of interesting news in the mobile Opera. It was also decided to add some improvements to the “picture in picture” function to it. From now on, movies displayed in full-screen mode are converted into a permanently active window that plays irrespective of what we do on the device.