The new .dev domain from Google is now available to everyone

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Domains on the internet can give character to our site. We look at the domain in a completely different way than at, right? For many years, the Internet has changed and the creators of the websites began to move away from .com, .org or .net. They went to some more interesting endings of links, such as .me, .tv, and even .ninja, or .cool. And now the list of possible domains is joined by Google, created by Google .dev, which is intended primarily for programmers.

What are the requirements to be met to get a .dev domain? The same as for any other domain: buy it from your chosen registrar. Simple, right? You register your .dev domain, pay and voilà! And for anyone who submitted an application for a Google I / O event ticket that will take place in May, the company from Mountain View has given a surprise. Well, each of these people will get a free .dev domain from the company for a year.

Domains from Google will be secured by default because they require HTTPS.

The company has already moved many of its own websites (including, or to the new domain.

Thanks to general access to .dev, any programmer, as well as any technology company can better express their character and better present themselves on the web. Of course, if you want then you can buy this domain, even if you have nothing to do with technology. Do you like the address of your site with the .dev domain? So Buy Now. Hurry up before someone will buy your domain faster!