The new update of Firefox will introduce support for one of the best feature of Windows 10

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The Windows Hello function allows you to secure your computer with Windows using biometric methods. The device uses a suitable camera or a fingerprint scanner for this purpose. Microsoft also provides access to the right tools for other programmers, so they can integrate their applications with Hello. This solution has already been used by the well-known Enpass password manager, and now Mozilla Firefox joins it.

The fox browser can follow Edge browser, because Windows Hello Microsoft has already introduced in the Edge Browser. Thanks to this feature, Firefox will allow you to login to websites using face or fingerprint (depending on what your device offers). This option is already being tested and will go to a stable version with an update 66, which was scheduled for release on March 19.

Of course, biometric login methods will only work in Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10 on a device that provides compatible security sensors – a fingerprint scanner, or a dedicated camera. Otherwise, integration with Windows Hello is simply impossible.

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