Do you want to protect your computer? Run unknown applications in the sandbox

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Sandbox is an isolated space inside which you can run programs whose security is not certain or which may be a source of danger. Let’s get to know this solution.

The applications running on the computer have access to its resources. They can collect information about the user, make changes to the settings or scan the contents of the disk. These types of permissions are often used by software developers, not only malicious.

Can we protect ourselves against the threats posed by computer programs? One way is to create a completely isolated space on the disk, called a sandbox, inside which you can run programs. Applications running in such space will not have access to the entire disk – and thus, malicious software will not get out of a limited area.


How sandboxes work, we can learn from the Sandboxie program. It is an application that can run other programs in an isolated environment.

Sandboxie / How works
Sandboxie / How works

When to use the sandbox

Of course, you do not have to keep all applications in the sandbox. However, there are several types of programs that you should run in a sandbox. These include web browsers and email programs – these are the two primary sources of new files appearing on our disks. These can be files downloaded via links on websites or attachments from an e-mail. Malware can be hidden in them.

Sandboxes are also a great way to increase privacy. The programs installed by us can interfere with privacy – even collecting data about the software installed on the device. Manufacturers use these data for advertising and statistical purposes to better match their offer to users. If the application that collects data is running in the sandbox, it will not have access to what is outside the dedicated area – and thus, it will not be able to check what other applications are installed on our device.

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How to run applications in the sandbox

In order to be able to run a program in the sandbox, we will need software that a separate area can create. Sandbox will do the job here.

  • After installation, this application integrates with the context menu. Thanks to this, if you want to run the selected application in a separate area, just click on its icon with the right mouse button to display the context menu.
  • The menu has the option Run in the sandbox – click on it.
Run Sandboxed
Run Sandboxed
  • Then the program asks us to choose which sandbox to run the application. By default, we have only one sandbox to choose from – DefaultBox.
  • The application launched in the sandbox differs only for us in that the window is surrounded by a yellow color.

You can download sandboxie here.