Opera with the new Reborn 3 browser. Cryptocurrency wallet, internet 3.0 support and improved VPN

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Another development version of the Opera is designated 60.0.3255.27, but the manufacturer decided to give it a separate name – Reborn 3, which is to emphasize the new nature of the browser due to the solutions introduced in it. One of the novelties in Reborn is to be adaptation of this browser to the standards of internet 3.0, i.e. the next generation network whose important element will be technologies such as blockchain. As the manufacturer assures, users of the new Opera can enter the address of the Web 3 application in the browser’s address bar and freely use the new generation Internet. Cryptocurrency wallet A new solution is also a cryptocurrency wallet built into the browser. As announced, this platform at the Opera for computers syncs with the wallet at the mobile Opera for Android. Thanks to this, the user has constant control over the keys to his wallet that never leave his smartphone. In practice, it looks like that when there is a need to identify on the website on the Internet 3.0 or authorize transactions, the user will receive a notification on his smartphone. Transaction authorization is done in the same way as the user unlocks his phone – using face recognition or by reading the fingerprint. As planned, the cryptocurrency wallet function will soon be introduced to the Opera Touch browser for iOS. It is now available in Opera for Android.

Faster VPN service In earlier versions of Opera, support for a VPN platform has already appeared that allows you to increase privacy and security on the Internet (list of the best vpn). The manufacturer ensures that in Reborn 3 the operation and functioning of VPN have been improved. This is a no log service, which means that VPN servers do not log in or store any user activity data. The New Opera also has two themes: light and dark. As the manufacturer explains, they were inspired by the technique of high- and low-key photography, the so-called high and low tones, which minimizes or maximizes the amount of light in the photo while maintaining contrast. Depending on the mood, environment or content, the user can decide which frame to choose for the site.

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