Agent Smith has already infected more than 25 million Android devices

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Check Point Researchers employees warn of a new threat lurking for Android users. The “Agent Smith” malware works very cleverly and has already infected more than 25 million devices around the world.

According to a press release recently published by Check Point, “Agent Smith” malware has already infected more than 25 million Android devices around the world. The largest part – as many as 15 million – comes from India. Those who have recently used the services of an external 9Apps app store have cause for concern. The name of the malware did not come from nowhere. Malware works on a similar principle as “Agent Smith” in the iconic Matrix trilogy. As soon as it gets on the device, it immediately begins its work. First, it identifies the most popular applications that have already been installed on the device, and then replaces some of their code with its own, which forces them to take specific actions and prevents updates.

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The most interesting, however, is that “Agent Smith” does not steal user data or take any other highly harmful activities, but only displays additional ads when using infected programs. Researchers have determined that Agent Smith appears in as many as 360 variants, but the actions of individual versions do not differ from each other.

“Agent Smith” also tried to attack the Google Play app store, fortunately the security systems worked correctly and almost immediately got rid of the potential threat. Experts recommend downloading applications only from official and trusted sources, because in this way we minimize the risk of infection on our device. External stores with mobile programs often do not have sufficient security to protect against all possible types of malware.