This is what dark mode looks like in the Facebook application for smartphones

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Screenshots have hit the network.

Facebook has announced a few months ago that it is going to rebuild its applications so that they offer users a dark mode that will be possible to activate on demand. More information got into the network about how this type of situation would look like in the case of the giant’s application for Android smartphones. It is not known at the moment when iPhone owners will see the dark mode. For now, we can see what dark mode for Facebook looks like in the screenshots taken by one of the engineers dealing with the inversion technique.

Engineer Jane Wong deals with reverse engineering of applications – in the past it provided proven information on selected programs. Recently, she discovered the dark mode in a Facebook Android application. According to Wong, this feature is at an early stage of development and not all elements have yet been colored and optimized to work properly.

What catches the eye is definitely the new background and buttons that allow you to take a specific action. The card associated with access to various Groups also looks better than the current standard version of the website.

The real boom for the dark mode for the application appeared after it turned out that OLED and AMOLED displays are able to save the smartphone’s energy when displaying black. Last year, Facebook introduced dark mode to Messenger, so integrating it with the main application seems to be a sensible solution.

At this year’s F8 conference for programmers, Facebook announced a lot of changes in its interface – however, it can be expected that the majority of users will not see them before the end of the year.

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So at the moment we need to be patient and just wait for changes.

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