Honor 9X Pro has an even better camera after the upgrade. When it hits Poland, it must be a hit

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Honor 9X Pro has received a new mode in the camera application that uses two clever tricks and combined to result in a photo with a lot of details, which will also be noise-free.

Honor 9X Pro already at the time of the premiere he was an extremely interesting average, who offered a lot at its price. Today it has an update that makes it even more worth buying. I can't wait for its Polish premiere.

Honor 9X Pro will take even better photos after the upgrade

Honor 9X Pro already has quite itself interesting photographic facilities. They consist of a 48 MP main lens with f / 1.8 light, a wide angle with a resolution of 8 MP, and an additional sensor for measuring 2 MP depth. The manufacturer has already announced that the smartphone will be able to take great photos, and the new update is only to improve the situation.

In this case, it is a refined AI mode, which is supposed to deal much better with the use of HDR. Extracting additional details from the shadows is supposed to work more efficiently, and the Super Resolution Reconstruction mode has been improved, which in a simplified way works by creating one photo from many of lower resolution. The combination of these two software components makes up a new tab in the camera menu, which is named AI Ultra Clear Mode.

What does Honor 9X Pro have?

Honor 9X Pro is an extremely interesting rival for Xiaomi, which can almost compete with such models as the Mi 9T. I write almost but really for some users it may even be a better choice. The reason could be a larger screen and a physical fingerprint reader, this time located on one of the sides of the device. On the other hand, the one in the Mi 9T works so well that it is not necessarily regrettable.

Honor 9X and 9X Pro officially. Honor has created excellent rivals for Xiaomi!

In the case of Honor 9X Pro the bet was on similar elements as in Mi 9T. So we have a large battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, a triple camera with a main eye of 48 MP and f / 1.8 light, or a powerful processor. Kirin 810 is an extremely successful arrangement and only the most demanding users will notice the difference in comfort of work compared to the flagship. It's hard to say when this model will hit Poland, but once it hits, it just has to be a hit.

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