Orange week offer: Nokia 4.2 at a lower price!

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Nokia 4.2 cheaper by up to PLN 144 in a mobile subscription or as part of the Orange Love offer is the latest offer of the week prepared by the orange operator. We advise whether it is worth buying Nokia 4.2.

A few words about Nokia 4.2

Nokia 4.2 / photo

Nokia 4.2 / photo

Let's start with that Nokia 4.2 may like it. And this is due to the simple, compact design with one-hand operation. The icing on the cake is in this case a switch with a built-in notification LED, which not only looks great, but is also functional. The software certainly deserves attention, namely Android 9.0 Pie in its pure form with updates provided directly by Google, as Nokia 4.2 belongs to the Android One program.

Unfortunately, this smartphone has a modest amount of RAM, so switching between open processes is not always as fast as we would like. There are also problems with graphic performance. The display itself is of poor quality and disappoints not only with the maximum brightness, but also with the generated colors.

Nokia 4.2 version 3 GB RAM + 32 GB for data in Orange:

Currently as part of the week offer prepared by Orange you can buy a cheaper Nokia 4.2 smartphone. The reduction reaches PLN 144 and although it is not some spectacular promotion, it is worth using it. The prices below are:

Before buying, be sure to read the manic review of this smartphone:

TEST Nokia 4.2 is a good smartphone. It is a pity that it is badly priced