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What smartwatch is worth buying? Certainly nice, long-lasting on battery and offering a set of sport functions. Meet the top 10 smartwatches (and other wearables) that are worth buying this year.

Choosing a good smartwatch is not an easy task. Especially since a large part of the products available in Poland often costs more than a good smartphone. That is why I have created for you a list of the most interesting wearables, which I think are worth buying this year. The following list TOP-10 best smartwatches (and other wearables) is, of course, subjective, which is why I will gladly get to know your suggestions – I invite you to discuss in the comments.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The first proposal is a Samsung product – the TOP-10 wearables could not miss one of the most interesting watches on the market, for which only an Apple product can be competitors. This is not typical equipment for athletes, which can be seen at first glance.

The gadget is characterized by elegant workmanship, and the envelope is made of brushed aluminum. The Always On screen displays the most important information in an energy-saving way, thanks to which the Galaxy Watch can successfully replace a Swiss watch. Operation with a ring will facilitate everyday use, especially when your hands are wet.

Does this mean that it lacked sporting functions? Absolutely not, the watch is resistant to dust and water, and the Super AMOLED screen will be visible even in bright sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy Watch / photo. Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch / photo. Samsung

For some, it can be a dam price – around PLN 1,200. In my opinion, a Samsung watch is worth the money – it's one of the best smartwatches on the market.

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