The Witcher Gwent will hit the Apple Store in October

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The wait is over. We already know when Gwent will hit mobile devices operating under iOS and iPad OS and which users will be able to taste the entertainment in the form of a card game from The Witcher. It promises to be honey.

CD Project RED there was no secret to the work on the title production. In principle, its sharing on smartphones and tablets has been confirmed many times. I recently informed you about a video presenting the game Thread running on iPhone 7. Now, officially, we can start counting down the days until the premiere. ba, eager to make a preorder in the App Store.

Thread with official release date

I think that Gwent games need no special introduction. For some time they have been an autonomous creation of CDP RED, however, her card career began in the game from the Witcher series. Interestingly, it was a kind of it game play, real inception. However, Gwent liked the players so much that the company decided to create a separate application for PC and consoles. Now the game will join the mobile segment.

Already October 29 the official sale of Gwent for iOS and iPad OS will start. The iPhone users from 6s upwards and iPad Mini 4 (and newer), iPad 5 gen (and newer), iPad Air 2 (and newer), as well as the entire portfolio of iPad Pro will be able to use the fun. If you do not want to drink the premiere, sign up for free preorder.

Yes, free, because the Witcher Thread will be free. Yes, there will be micropayments in it, e.g. option to buy additional cardsHowever, this will only be a possibility, not a necessity. It is also important that the results are synchronized with the results of the PC edition, which is possible thanks to GOG. Nothing prevents you from sitting in front of the tablet screen to compete with PC or console players. Crossplay is a beautiful thing.

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Although English is widely used today, many people may be sad that mobile thread will not receive support for the Polish language. Also worried is the lack of declarations regarding the Android version of the game, which, I think, waiting for players who are users of Green Robot smartphones.

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