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What is worth watching at Netflix? Have I prepared a set of new movies and series on Netflix? What series do we recommend? The best thing is from the Manic list of the most interesting, new movies and online series in Netflix. These premieres are worth paying attention to!

Netflix regularly refreshes the offer by adding new movies and series. How not to miss the most interesting ones? Just follow our maniaKalny premier review in Netflix!

We keep our finger on the pulse and regularly supplement our list every week new movies and series on Netflix. Below you will always find the current list of the most interesting debuts from recent days. With us you will not miss any premiere!

The previous recommended items to view in Netflix this year can be found on the next page. We've collected an archive of recommended movies and series, it's worth checking out so you don't miss something interesting. In addition, we have prepared a summary of the most interesting news and movies on Netflix in 2018. It can also be useful.

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September 13, 2019

The most important novelty of this week on Netfliks is the series "Unbelievable". The story here was based on real events. When a young woman is accused of lying in a rape case, two policewomen investigate a series of surprisingly similar attacks.

You can also watch the series on Netflix "Top Boy". It tells the story of two experienced drug dealers who are returning to London streets. Unfortunately, a young but cruel criminal stands in their way. It is a story that the path to the top often leads over the corpses.

An interesting novelty on Netflix is โ€‹โ€‹the miniseries "The I-Land". It tells the story of a group of strangers without memories who are struggling to survive on a mysterious island. Raj is not really what it seems. Kate Bosworth and Alex Pettyfer star in this science fiction series.

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On Netflix this week it's also worth watching:

September 7, 2019

The most anticipated new feature at the beginning of September on Netflix is โ€‹โ€‹the series "The Spy"who tells the extraordinary story of Eli Cohen, a Mossad spy. Thanks to his infiltration, he changed the history of Israel. This must be seen, because you have not seen such a serious and good Sascha Baron Cohen.

The 10th season of the animated series for adults is a great novelty on Netfliks "Archer". The main character is the elegant and painfully polite Archer, who is a spy, he has ingenious gadgets, but at the same time he can not get along with his mother, who is also his boss. In season 10 we move to 1999.

You'll also have fun watching "Jumanji: Adventure in the Jungle". When the kids discover an old video game console with the game Jumanji, which they have never heard of before, they immediately move into the world of a dangerous jungle. It is in her that the action of the game takes place, and they become the avatars of the characters they chose: the avid player Spencer becomes a brave adventurer, the fan of Fridge ball turns (according to his own words) into Einstein, Bethany – a popular girl from the neighborhood – becomes a middle-aged professor, while the inconspicuous Martha takes the form of a fearless warrior.

If you like to be afraid then you should watch the movie "First snow" adaptation of Jo Nesbo's best-selling novel. The head of an elite team of detectives conducts a complicated investigation. With the arrival of winter, another person dies. The detective is afraid that a serial killer has returned to the city. With the help of an excellent recruit, she begins to combine old criminal cases with new violent events. He knows that he must solve the puzzle before the next first snow falls.

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On Netflix this week it's also worth watching:

If we have missed something or there is a movie or series that you recommend to other techManiaKalne readers to watch on Netflix, share it in the comments. Maybe there will be someone with similar tastes to you and will benefit from your advice.

On the next page you will find ours premier archive at Netflixthat we have prepared this year. It's worth taking a look at them so as not to miss an interesting film.