Specification of the new tablet LG G Pad 5 straight from Google Pixel

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It looks like Koreans are preparing another tablet for us. LG G Pad 5 promises to be interesting equipment, but one thing worries me. Will the three-year flagship processor meet users' expectations?

There are tablets and there is an iPad. Devices from the stable of the giant from Cupertino constitute a separate category and I don't see the point of comparing them with Android competitors. Green Robot tablets are doing much worse, but some Huawei or Samsung products are restoring faith in this hardware category. The share of other producers, not including deep-rooted Chinese no-name factories, is modest. However, this does not mean that companies have forgiven their tablets. What is this? For example, LG remembers the market.

LG G Pad 5 with a three-year processor

There have been reports on the web suggesting that Koreans are preparing a new tablet for us. Moreover, work on LG G Pad 5, because this is the name the device will take, they are already on the last straight. At least, that's how we can judge based on the leakage of the lion's share of the specifications and appearance of the device. What would the equipment characterize and why do I think that if the manufacturer does not overdo the price, he can achieve success? I am in a hurry with explanations.

Reder LG G Pad 5 it only shows the front of the device. The design is characterized by rounded edges, a reasonable ratio of the display to the front panel and a single front camera. The equipment would receive fingerprint scanner, however, it is uncertain about its location. We only know that it will not be on the front of the tablet.

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If you believe the reports LG will implement the layout here Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, which is the same as Google equipped the first installment of Pixel. The processor is therefore three years old. It is a flagship, but time is to its disadvantage. Mentioned chip support 4 GB RAM and 32 GB of built-in memory. The whole works under the control of Android 9 Pie.

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Let's not forget about the screen, because in the case of tablets it is an extremely important element. We'll get in LG G Pad 5 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and a 16:10 aspect ratio. The equipment will probably be revealed at the turn of October and November this year. The price is unfortunately a secret, but it is it that will determine the failure or success of the LG G Pad 5. The device, I have a great opportunity on the market of cheaper tablets. May the Koreans not miss it.