User experience, magic and unicorns, a few words about the Apple ecosystem

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In discussions about the superiority of macOS and iOS over competition solutions, Apple ecosystem users raise quite inconsistent arguments. One of the key is even the "mystical" user experience, which in fact nobody wants to specify, which is a pity. So read about how someone who has been sitting in it for several years has seen the issue of the ecosystem. Attention! Orthodox fruit-growers may feel offended.

On the occasion of the premiere of new iPhones compared to shavers or indicator kitchens, a bucket of hate poured out on Apple. The fact that the manufacturer sailed, not the first time, with the issue of valuation of their devices, but I am not surprised at all. The device is worth as much as anyone can pay for it. Since the quite controversial iPhone XR has been around like hotcakes lately, the company's strategy simply works. The issue is similar with MacBooks, which are expensive, but many people buy them because of the title user experience. How is it really with these experiences, the magic of Apple and indecent convenience? I already explain.

Confession of an Apple follower

For a few good years I have been using, quite privately and professionally, quite modest, but still Apple devices ecosystem, which always consists of a MacBook (currently Pro) and an iPhone. I usually aim for computers and smartphones as up-to-date as possible, but I'm not a crazy person and I have to cool down my enthusiasm a bit, choosing "Affordable" models. Devices signed with the bitten apple logo on the casing are pleasant to receive, well-made, but the claim that they eat competitive solutions is out of place. On the market I will find at least a few more interesting proposals at similar or even lower prices. Well, some of them will be brilliantly designed and outshine the iPhone. However, they will not be so comfortable for a person who is used to the fact that the equipment simply works.

iPhone and MacBook actually provide stability, which is highly debatable on Android and Windows. I have "overworked" the huge amount of equipment and I can sign under this arms and legs. If you get used to the limitations of Apple's system platforms, you will feel like on Saturday morning after waking up. Relax, without unnecessary stress, with a quite pleasant perspective for the near future. The hardware will not surprise you with an unpleasant grimace at the least appropriate moment, while the applications themselves look and often also work better than under Windows or Andoroid. It's all true but making comfortable use of the "confession" is a comedy.

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iPhone 11 Pro

Seriously, I am one of the Apple fans and I am defending the company on many fronts, but I do not have flaps in front of my eyes and I realize that iPhones, iPads and MacBooks do not provide any spiritual experience. It's convenient, quite expensive equipment, which due to simplicity and convenience works like any electronic equipment should work. Why Apple solutions almost always work flawlessly (skipping hardware and hardware issues)? It's simple – in most cases they are inspired by solutions that competitors have been using for a year, two or even three years. The difference is that Fruit-growers have time to refine a given technology, which they then call PRO, XDR, Super, Liquid etc. Innovation? Yes, but only in the eyes of ecosystem users.

Apple reduces the price of the iPhone XR by almost usd 600!

To sum up – the Apple ecosystem is not magic, not unicorns and not experiences that cannot be compared with those resulting from the use of competing tools. The equipment, services and systems of the Cupertino giant are simply addictive in their comfort, which this feeling is compounded by efficient marketing. Who like who, but Apple is masterful in this matter. Probably each of us met with the statement that the iPhone does The MacBook is Sexy? It works.

It's time for the facts

Since I decided to attack the title "magic" a bit, why don't I abandon the ecosystem to hell and switch to competing products? There are several reasons and I think they keep "similar users" in Sad.

One reason is saving time and nerves. In the case of Windows, I struggled with continuous driver issues, which I did not see on macOS. updates on Windows it is a real Lotto and you can never be sure which function will fail. My MacBook performs the update properly without my participation and always goes back to the same place where I finished work.

photo by Apple

photo by Apple

The iPhone is losing value relatively slowly, if we combine it with the broadly understood Android market, and thus, resale of Apple smartphones is more profitable. I also enjoy it recovery programs and although I had the opportunity to use only one, my problem was solved in about 24 hours. When I was struggling with the failure of one of Sony's equipment, I waited a total of 1.5 months for the solution and was sent to several different places.

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MacOS and iOS complement each other, which can be seen when exchanging files, perfect synchronization of the stage of actions in individual applications, as well as in services that I regret Android does not have. Everything has been planned so as not to cause difficulties for the user and it simply captivated me. It is also true that I spent a lot on applications for these platforms, so a permanent change would involve a significant (for my portfolio) cost.

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I could exchange advantages for hours. Well, surely I would lock myself up in a few minutes, but for nothing in the world I won't tell you the existence of a magical user experienceyou supposedly don't understand by hating Apple. I might as well find myself in the Google ecosystem by buying the flagship Chromebook and smartphone from the Pixel series. Choosing a tool is just a choice and it makes no sense to add ideology to it.