Oh, Play is back with the 5G READY campaign

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Play once again starts with an information campaign on the implementation of 5G READY technology. The campaign includes television, radio, billboards, newspapers and the internet.

Put in the popcorn, it will start soon. Play is back with a campaign reporting the progress of 5G READY, which I think will happen the subject of telecom jokes. I am not really surprised by this, after all, this technology is actually a bit more efficient LTE.

The 5G READY theme on Play is back and is arousing controversy again

Admittedly, the 5G READY password, which is in fact a description of advanced LTE, divides telco market watchers. At one time, this topic was extremely popular, even thanks to the spokesperson Orangewho defined the technology as a year of fate. Regardless of what we call it 5G READY, it certainly doesn't have much in common with the upcoming 5G network. So why does Play decide to launch the next edition of the campaign informing about the advantages of its own network? The answer, I think, will remain a mystery. Nevertheless, it is worth looking at what is the subject of the title campaign.

From the technical side, 5G READY is really a solution based on radio technologies MIMO 4 × 4, frequency aggregation, 256QAM modulation, phase synchronization and Cloud Air. According to Play, this network allows for even twice as high transfer speeds compared to previous results. You can read the details HERE.

The violet boasts of progress in building the 5G READY network. The number of base stations currently available compared to last year's (regarding the previous campaign) number of masts more than doubled. According to Play, as much as 18 percent population can already use the advanced Play network and what is important – this also applies to smaller towns.

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The numbers don't lie and show that the operator is really trying to develop for the convenience of its customers. The problem can only be incorrect formulation of the message informing about changes. I feel that Play will have a hard time repelling the allegations of 5G READY again. Now without Marcin Gruszka, the old "human face" of the network, it will be more difficult.

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