See how Samsung Galaxy Fold folds 100,000 times (video)

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Samsung claims that the Galaxy Fold screen should be able to withstand about 200,000 assemblies. One of the websites did a test in which the smartphone broke the 100,000 limit, and everything can be viewed online.

Samsung Galaxy Fold – durability has been improved

Samsung Galaxy Fold is a device that has come a long way before it was officially released for sale. Even before his debut on the store shelves, he hit testers who after a few hours or days of using it they stayed with the device not working. All because in Galaxy Fold had an underdeveloped mechanism for folding the flexible screen.

The Koreans decided to devote a little more time to their device and after a few months they released it for re-sale.

You will scratch it with your fingernail, damage it from looking. Galaxy Fold is still a prototype – unfortunately

Galaxy Fold in torture did not live up to Samsung's promise

Samsung estimates that Galaxy Fold and its screen should now be able to withstand approximately 200,000 assemblies. CNET decided to check what this promise looks like in reality. One copy of the Galaxy Fold was sent to torture in a special machine that folded and unfolded the device continuously for hours.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is a very expensive device. The test shows that the display began to fail for good around 120 169 fold. Thus, the 200,000 limit promised by the Koreans has not been reached.

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Cause of Galaxy Fold problems in the test

Everything seems to indicate that the test itself was carried out in an incompletely correct way. First of all, Samsung uses much slower folding and unfolding Galaxy Fold in its films. It imitates the device more in everyday use, where we don't open and close it with our hands so quickly.

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In the test, however, we see that the machine works like crazy. The consequence of such torture can be heat released and faster wear the folding mechanism of the smartphone.

Secondly, Galaxy Fold withstood over 100,000 assemblies. This means that the device would be functional for at least several years. If, of course, it is assumed that such an action daily would happen 80 to 200 times.

Thirdly, the test itself is made under uniform conditions. So it seems clear that Samsung definitely improved the durability of the flexible screen and the mechanism that is responsible for him. The test itself is pleasing to the eye and can be fully viewed on YouTube – if of course someone has the time and willingness to spend many hours 😉