T-Mobile has improved its range in the mountains. Tatra tourists will be safer

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T-Mobile improves GSM and LTE network coverage in mountain areas. The base stations implemented so far have just been joined by the mast at Polana Ślubienica, on the route to the most recognizable place in the Polish Tatra Mountains – Morskie Oko.

Tatra landscapes encourage mountain trips. Even if the high peaks are out of our reach, nothing stands in the way to set a goal to overcome the really straight trail to Morskie Oko. However, it is worth remembering that they are still mountains and can meet us on the road various unforeseen accidents and even meeting with dangerous animals. In some cases, it may be necessary to call for help or inform your loved ones about your location. It's hard to do without cellular coverage. This, fortunately, appears on an increasing number of mountain trails.

T-Mobile with better range on the route to Morskie Oko

Mountains can be dangerous, and the conditions prevailing there can be variable and unpredictable. The issue of network access is similar. In such areas, ensuring permanent, stable access to communication facilities, is not easy. Fortunately, telecoms are doing better and better in this matter. T-Mobile boasted just another implementation aimed at providing better coverage to hard-to-reach places.

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Team Magenta is trying to deploy base stations along popular hiking trails and mountain huts. So far, five BTSs have been installed in the Tatras – in Chochołowska Valley, Roztoka Valley, at Ornak, Morskie Oko and Murowaniec. Now the sixth comes to the mentioned – at Glade Hair. The module is based on a satellite connection, which is forced by technical conditions.

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Interestingly, T-Mobile decided to wrap the base station with foil with a mirror effect. As we read in the press release, it allows you to better blend in with the background and does not bite with the landscape visible on the trail.

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