The ASUS ZenFone 6 camera is a masterpiece! DxOMark testers had no doubts

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ASUS ZenFone 6 is the most innovative flagship in the history of the Taiwanese manufacturer, thanks to a rotatable camera with very solid quality. In the DxOMark test, the smartphone beat Google Pixel 3 and almost evened the result of the iPhone Xs Max. Wow!

When he debuted ASUS ZenFone 6, few smartphones in the world could boast of a similarly constructed camera module – Taiwanese reached for solidly made, rotated mechanism, on which two cameras rested, used both for main photography and for creating self-portraits.

From the technical side, ZenFone 6 has a main unit 48 MP, based on quite a Sony sensor Sony IMX586, which is successfully used by many flagship standard devices. The additional camera has a resolution 13 MP and a wide angle lens with 125 degrees field of view. The whole is complemented by PDAF and laser autofocus, as well as HDR ++ mode.

High score in the DxOMark test

You can read our manic feelings about ZenFone 6's work in Konrad's review, while in this text we will look at the test of the DxOMark team, which in recent weeks has modernized the methods of issuing their verdicts, because they began to take into account the shots from wide-angle lenses and the effects of the night mode in cameras.

photo: DxOMark

photo: DxOMark

The overall ZenFone 6 result is high and equals 104 points, which is a similar or better result than such mobile celebrities as the iPhone Xs Max and Google Pixel 3. This is proved by the fact that ASUS can create great cameras at a low price, because comparing the value of the flagship to both rivals, we get a difference of up to several thousand zlotys.

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The note for quality pictures is 107 points, and in the development of the verdict we will find several justifications for this scoring – fast and accurate autofocus, good noise control in all lighting conditions, and decent colors in photographs. However, the loss of detail, unstable exposure and low detail in wide angle shots have been attached.

In the video section ZenFone 6 won 99 points and defended itself with a high level of detail, vivid colors in indoor and outdoor shots, as well as good stability. The main disadvantage of the model's film base is the unstable exposure.

More photos are enlarged on the official test page:

photo: DxOMark

photo: DxOMark

photo: DxOMark

photo: DxOMark

Zenfone 6 is the new selfie king. ASUS finally showed what it can do