Threads from Instagram, which is another Facebook messenger with a separate application

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Instagram introduces a completely new application on mobile devices. Threads, because the program was called so, is nothing more than a messenger that allows text conversations and sending messages with photos to our closest friends.

Zuckerberg is well aware of the ever-growing potential of the Instagram platform. It's not a "teen toy" anymore, but powerful marketing tool, which, to stay on the wave, must surprise new products. However, I'm not entirely sure if Threads, the new Instagram messenger, is what users expect.

Instagram Threads and a delicate privacy issue

The service provider has just announced the debut is still warm Threads applicationwhich joins the Instagram portfolio of programs. In theory, this has a privacy-enhancing solution, but I have serious reservations about this. All because of one small detail, which may be more than bothersome by inattention. More on this in a moment. To begin with, let's define what exactly Threads is and what its purpose is.

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photo Instagram

The messenger was created to provide users with the Instagram platform the ability to share photos, videos, stories and text messages with a list of close friends. Users can fully control conversation threads to ensure privacy and security. This makes sense and introduces some clarity to the Instagram communication page.

The application strongly encourages you to share photos, which is manifested, among others, by the fact that when you launch it, you can see the camera panel from the very beginning. Clever though I think this may irritate some usersfor example me. One more feature has been implemented in Threads that raises my reservations. It's about the so-called suggested statuswhich will be set automatically based on our location. Are you at school The status "learning" will appear in the application. When traveling, users will see the status "on the move", etc.

Instagram has the most important news for a long time. I can't wait to use it

Great, but not everyone wants to share this information. Yes, the option can be turned off, but I think that not everyone will be aware of this possibility. It's easy to guess, it can slightly harm users' privacy. However, if you want to try it out Instragram Threads, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the application for free.

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