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We chose the best original series available on Netflix. Our subjective TOP series gathers the most interesting productions that are worth seeing!

There are such series that it is difficult to pass by indifferently. We chose the most interesting and the best of them. Meet our subjective TOP series on Netflix. By the way, we also encourage you to regularly look at our always current list of premieres in Netflix and to look at the maniaKalny TOP of the best movies on Netflix.


"The Witcher" is undoubtedly one of the best and probably the most anticipated series of 2019. Netflix surprised us by providing the full first season just before Christmas. What is he talking about? About Geralt of Rivia, a mutated monster hunter who travels the world in search of good, evil and even something in between. It's a story about the fact that people are sometimes more ruthless than monsters and love is able to awaken even a petrified heart.

Definite number one among the 2019 netflix series.

The End of F *** ing World

"The End of F *** ing World" it's a real bomb series. On the one hand, it is deadly honest and fresh, and on the other, there are plenty of predictable twists. Most viewers agree that the second season is unnecessary, but the first is a real gem. This is an incredible combination of romance, road cinema and psychological drama.

Two full seasons are available on Netfliks.

Living with yourself

"Living with yourself" is a bittersweet comedy drama, whose main character is the burnt-out Miles. He decides on an unusual treatment in an unusual spa. After waking up, it turns out to be a better version of himself, and most importantly – a happy version. This series can inspire many people to act.

The full first season of eight episodes is available on Netfliks.

Another Life

"Another Life" is a series that is controversial. The main character is Niko Breckinridge played by Katee Sackhoff, known for "Battlestar Galactica", who is delegated to explore an extraterrestrial artifact and lead the first human interstellar mission to an alien planet. Niko's husband who has remained on Earth is trying to contact the artifact. When he discovers the secret about the newcomer, it may be too late to rescue. For all mankind.

The full first season of the series is available on Netfliks, suspenseful to the end.

Stranger Things

"Stranger Things" for many people it's probably the best staple production of all time. In the first season, we try to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Will Byers, who one day just melted in the air.

The second season is not as good as the first, but it still attracted millions of viewers around the world to the screens. We return to the town of Hawkings a year after the strange disappearance of Will. Residents still can not shake off the nightmare associated with Demogorgon and the secrets of the local laboratory, but it turns out that from the other side to our world is trying to get something much more terrible.

The third season is a real ride without a handlebar and the final, which means that we can not wait for the next season.


If after watching "Stranger Things" your appetites have only increased, and you can't wait for the fourth season, be sure to watch the series "Dark". In terms of climate, it is similar to "Stranger Things", although it is only a facade. The series takes place in modern Germany, where the disappearance of two young children causes a wave of strange events and uncovering secrets. Similar to Stranger Things, there are alternative worlds, journeys between them, as well as deeply hidden secrets.

Two seasons are available on Netfliks, and the third has been announced.


"1983"Is the first Polish Netfliks series. It tells the alternative history of our country in which the terrible terrorist attack of 1983 bursts Polish hopes for liberation and prevents the collapse of the Soviet Union. Twenty years later, the Cold War is still at its best. The main character is an ambitious law student with ideals who gets acquainted with the compromised investigating officer. Together, they uncover a conspiracy that helped keep the Iron Curtain and the repressive police state in Poland. Now, in 2003, after two decades of peace and prosperity, the regime's leaders are putting into practice a secret plan devised in the 1980s. The hate directed at this series is greatly exaggerated. The story is really interesting, and the acting is not as "wooden" as they write about it. If you are disturbed by "Polishness" in "1983", then switch to the English language version.

Love, death and robots

"Love, death and robots" is an interesting animated series for adults, which consists of 18 novels lasting from 5 to 15 minutes. They will not take you much time, and in some respects can change your life. Each episode presents a different story made in a different style. Political, social, racial and war issues are discussed here. There will also be philosophical debates about the essence of humanity. This is definitely one of those positions where you will find time somewhere on the tram or during a sandwich break.

Altered Carbon

"Altered Carbon"Is one of those series you can love or hate. The production is a loose adaptation of Richard Morgan's novel "Modified Carbon". The action of the series takes place in the distant future, in which people managed to overcome death. Consciousness can be transferred between bodies, and people who can afford it can live forever. The main character of the first season is the mercenary Takeshi Kovacs, who is revived by Laurens Bancroft. His task is to solve the mystery of who is responsible for Bancroft's death, because his new body does not remember the last 48 hours before his death.

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The second season will be in 2020.


TV series action "Suburra" takes place in Rome. But you will not see here the world of delicious cuisine, great sights and the carnival of Venice. The story tells the common interests of the Church, state, mafia and local gangs. In pursuit of power, all moral principles are blurred, and brute force often prevails over the strength of arguments. The series gathers around three young men from different backgrounds. Each of them is guided by their own ambitions, and alliances that form will prove longer than for the rest of their lives.

Two seasons are available on Netfliks.

The Umbrella Academy

"The Umbrella Academy" is a unique series. It is a comic adaptation somewhat similar to the adventures of the X-Men group. The starting point is extremely interesting. For, one day in 1989, 43 newborns appear in the world – it would not be surprising if it was not for the fact that just before delivery none of the mothers was pregnant. All children are blessed with extraordinary skills. Thirty years later, they meet to unravel the mystery of the death of their father, or rather the man who raised them.

Shortly after the premiere of the first season, it was announced that the second series would be created.

Russian Doll

Can one day be lived forever? Series "Russian Doll" is a black comedy about Nadia, a confident single who leads a comfortable and disordered life. Nadia does not deny herself anything, and also knows what she wants in life. We meet a woman on her 36th birthday, when after a party with alcohol, she is hit by a car and … dies. It turns out, however, that this is just the beginning of her adventure, because Nadia must survive the unlucky day, trying to break free from the embrace of death. It's a very pleasant story at which the next hours will disappear in a flash.

Star Trek: Discovery

The world of science fiction is divided into fans of "Star Trek" and fans of "Star Wars". If you belong to the first group, it's a serial "Star Trek: Discovery" you probably watch every Friday on Netfliks. It tells the story of the crew of the USS Discovery spacecraft, which, with Captain Pike on board, travels through distant corners of space. A colorful crew is a strong point of the series, as is the engaging story and a really thought-out script.

Two seasons are available, and the third is coming soon.

Dragon Prince

Animated films are for children? None of these things! I recommend the series to anyone who thinks so "Dragon Prince" – ambitious, mature and multi-threaded. The series takes place in a fictional world in which people and elves live, but they do not have good relations. All because long ago people used black magic to destroy the last dragon egg that divided the race. This led the world to the brink of war. But suddenly, new hope appears on the horizon. The human-elven alliance formed by assassin Rayla, the young prince Ezran and his half-brother Callum can restore order and goodwill.

Three seasons are available on Netfliks. Will the fourth rise? The final of the third series leaves many doubts …

A paper house

If you are fans of Netflix non-English productions, you should reach for "A paper house". The design of the series is really interesting, but uncomplicated. Eight masked criminals burst into the building of the Spanish national mint, from where they intend to rob almost 2.5 billion euros. The action from outside is managed by a mysterious Professor who for several months prepared specialists from various fields for the assault. Participants of the jump will not find their names and address each other using nicknames taken from the names of world cities. Unfortunately, despite the professor's preparations, not everything is going as planned.

There are three seasons on Netflix, and the fourth one is coming soon.


"Godless"Is the first Netfliks series set in western climates. This is a very original proposal, but not everyone will like it. The series is about Frank Griffin and his gang looking for their former member Roy Goode. The man has betrayed them and is now hiding in the town of La Belle, New Mexico. There he meets the widow Alice Fletcher, with whom she defends the town against gang invasion. It's a perfect proposition for the weekend, because the whole story ends in seven episodes.


"Ozark" tells the story of a Byrde marriage who lead a fairly normal life. Apparently The head of the family – Marta Byrde – in addition to working as a financial adviser, deals with money laundering for the Mexican drug cartel. When things get complicated, Marty gives up his life in Chicago and moves to the picturesque land of the Ozarks in peaceful Missouri. This is to be their safe haven, but of course things get even more complicated.

In my opinion, "Ozark" is one of the most underrated series on Netflix – you can watch two full seasons.

Black mirror

"Black Mirror" is a series unlike any other. This is an unusual science fiction anthology embodying all our greatest fears and fears. Each episode of the series is a separate story showing how dangerous technology addiction and progress are, which we cannot avoid. You just have to watch it. Cautionary. Although sometimes it seems to be too late … Your favorite episode?

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"Mindhunter" is the series of David Fincher, the creator of "Seven" and "Underground Circle." It tells the story of two FBI agents (no, it's not Mulder and Scully) who drive prisons and talk to serial killers, trying to find out their motivation. This series is specific because there is more "talk" here than fast-paced action.

Two seasons are available – mandatory for forensics students.

Orange is the New Black

"Orange is the New Black" he follows the fate of happily engaged Piper Chapman, who is affected by her wild past, which results in the arrest and conviction to stay in a federal prison. To pay off his debt to society, Piper turns his comfortable life in New York into a prison cell and an orange prison uniform. Among a group of eccentric fellow prisoners, he has to face hostility and unexpected conflicts, but also friendships, loyalty and camaraderie.

The series has 78 episodes divided into 6 seasons. It's a closed whole.


"Daredevil" this is by far the best comic adaptation on a small screen. The series tells the story of Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who, thanks to special training, is able to use his sensitive senses better than those who see. At night he fights evil, playing the role of a masked superhero known as Daredevil. He challenges Kingpin, who was phenomenally played by Vincent D'Onofrio.

On Netflix there are three seasons to watch and it is known that the fourth one will not be created.

Lost in space

"Lost in space" is a modern version of the science fiction series from the 60s of the last century, which takes place in the distant future, when colonization of space becomes a reality. The Robinson family is chosen for a new life in another world, but when their ship is pushed off course, everything gets complicated. In addition to the Robinsons, the crafty Dr. Smith and muscular Don West are in the same position.

Second season coming soon.

The crown

"The Crown" is a series that tells the story of great passions and fights for political influence at the court of Queen Elizabeth II. Three full seasons of the series are already available on Netfliks. In the latest series, Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman, fantastic in this role) and her family fight to meet the challenges of dynamically changing Britain. From the paranoia of the Cold War, through the era of jets and expeditions into space, the enthusiasm of the 1960s and the remains of the 1970s – Elizabeth II and the royal family must adapt to a new, more liberated, but more turbulent world.

House of Cards

This series is absolute certainty. It could not be missing in this statement. Although the level has been falling from season to season, it is worth watching. It tells the story of Frank Underwood, who climbs the levels of authority – from the senator's chair to the presidential chair. His wife Claire accompanies him in all his evil conduct. Good acting and a great script (sometimes pulled up) are the strengths of "House of Cards".

In the last season, due to the moral scandal involving Kevin Spacey, Frank Underwood is no more, but his wife Claire replaces him with dignity. Some will say that season six is ​​unnecessary, but it closes some threads well.


Did you think I would forget about Pablo? None of these things! Series "Narcos" tells the story of Pablo Escobar (at least the first two seasons), who is a powerful boss of the drug cartel of Medelin, Colombia. His drug activities are constantly growing, and the US authorities are aiming to liquidate Escobar's interest. There are of course many more threads in the series, but you have to deal with it yourself.

There is also "Narcos: Mexico", which is a season treated as a spin-off of the series, but because it deals with similar topics (like all seasons of the "True Detective" series on HBO), we treat it collectively and include it in the "Narcos" series. Soon it will be the second season.

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