Gboard had a major failure. There is already an update.

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If you have recently had problems with Gboard, you were not the only one – a lot of people complained about problems using this keyboard.

The Google keyboard has been in trouble for two days. The update meant that the application still crashed, so that users not only could not use it in selected applications, but many people could not even unlock their device (if they had not set another form of screen lock).

What smartphones did the problem occur on?

Google said on their support page that they knew the problem, and soon after they released the patch in the form of update number 8.9.14. Update solves the problem if, of course, we have the option of automatic application updates enabled.

I myself encountered this problem on one of my devices, where Android was version 7.0. The Mountain View giant reported that the bug was on devices in the system version from 7.1 down. In my case, even the option to reset the Gboard keyboard to the default has disappeared.

How to get rid of the problem?

If you still have problems with your current keyboard, you can solve them as follows:

  • Manual Gboard update – if we do not have the option of automatic updates enabled, we can get to the Play Store and select the Gboard keyboard from the list of installed applications. Then select the "Update" button.
  • We can try to update the application / install another one remotely – if we have synchronization turned on, we can choose update from the computer. Just log in to our Google account and from the site Play Store we choose the app we are interested in and then install / update it.
  • If the dialog box pops up all the time, which makes it difficult for us to get to the list of applications, we can use an OTG cable for this. We connect a mouse / keyboard and thus navigate our device.
  • The last way is simply to change the keyboard. For this purpose, I chose the SwiftKey application, which just appeared to me in the recommended in the Play Store.
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