It was close: Pixel 3 could have a screen with 120Hz refresh rate

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The team responsible for the Pixel series was considering introducing an LCD screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate to last year's flagship. So why finally Pixel 3 did not receive the mentioned component, which was replaced by a "less liquid" OLED?

Google had a chance at making 120 Hz screens popular in smartphones last year. It was close that the team responsible for the development of the Pixel series smartphones decided to implement the displays with the aforementioned refresh in Pixel 3. However, it was to be an LCD screen. 120 Hz, but still LCD, which is slowly retreating OLED technology.

Pixel 3 with 120 Hz LCD screen? The company could not push the solution

The Pixel series has been using OLED displays since the very beginning, i.e. in 2016. Although this continues to this day, this issue may have changed last year on the occasion of the premiere Pixel 3. The team that created the next Google flagship was considering using the screen LCD with 120 Hz refresh rate. This component was to come from Sharpwho had the right technology.

In the end, however, the decision was not made and OLED was used again in Pixel 3. We do not know the reasons why the screen with high screen refresh rate was abandoned. Instead, there are various hypotheses explaining this condition. To the point.

First, Sharp screen it was made in LCD technology, which raised some concerns. OLEDs present deep black, more vivid colors and, more importantly, are more economical for batteries installed in smartphones. Users of the Pixel series devices who are used to OLEDs might not decide to switch to a model with an LCD display. Even if this one would surprise you with great fluidity.

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Additionally LCDs slowly give way to OLEDs and soon it may turn out that only the cheapest smartphones are using old technology. Reasonable, although in view of what the LCD does in this year's iPhone 11? Nevertheless, the trend remains a trend, and LCDs are going into oblivion. Google would still have to return to OLEDs in the successors of Pixel 3, and thus, the company may not want to introduce confusion.

I wonder what the fate of Pixel 3 would have been if the smartphone had a 120 Hz LCD screen