LG NanoCell 8K – a "cheap" 8K TV?

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LG introduced the first 8K TV from the NanoCell series. How much does it cost? Where to buy it Will the 8K resolution market bring us closer?

LG NanoCell 8K is the most advanced series of NanoCell products. What does the new device look like that can spread the 8K format?

What is NanoCell?

As the manufacturer declares, NanoCell is a special technology that is designed to provide a very realistic, "clean" and vivid image. This in combination with the 8K resolution definitely makes a big impression – despite the lack of OLED technology. The equipment runs on the Alpha processor in generation 9.2.

Where can you buy an LG 8K TV?

The 75-inch LG 75SM9900PLA model is available on the Polish market, but you can only find it at the LG Premium Brand Store – a store located in Warsaw. LG has not yet provided information when the product will be available in other stores in Poland.

What is the cost of LG NanoCell 8K?

the price is trifle usd 25,999. Of course, comparing NanoCell to LG OLED 8K, the leap is huge – OLED in 8K costs about usd 130,000. However, the difference between the display's diagonal (75 inches vs 88 inches) and the technology should be noted – OLED fares better than IPS LCD, i.e. the matrix located in NanoCell 8K. The new LG product is a kind of alternative to very expensive 8K TVs. The company itself considers NanoCell 8K to be a real "ace at the waist".

The LG NanoCell 8K TV is now available in Warsaw in the first in Europe LG Brand Store at Klif Fashion House, and its price has been set at usd 25,999. This is another technologically advanced product of the highest quality available in the LG Brand Store – the only place where you can see and buy premium products from LG. In October, the first in Europe, measuring 88-inch, LG OLED 8K TV was sold there – just two weeks after the premiere.

Will this model allow the dissemination of 8K technology? Only time will give us the answer.

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