Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with Android 10 and OneUI 2.0 already in Poland (full list of new products)

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Samsung has begun the process of implementing the latest firmware version for the flagship Note 10 model in Poland. It is of course Android 10 and the One UI 2.0 overlay. What's new in this update?

Initially, we thought that Android 10 along with the OneUI 2.0 interface for Samsung Galaxy Note10 + will not be available in Poland until January 2020. However, it turns out that the new system build is available for download now.

Build number and weight of the new software

Software version N975FXXUI BSL7 / N975FOXMI BSL7 / N975FXXUI BSL4 has been made available through OTA for models from free sale. So if you have Galaxy Note 10+ from one of the local operators you have to wait. Unless you decide to download the XEO version of the software.

Returning to the merits, however, new the update weighs less than 2GB (1921.09 MB) and includes Android 10 with security level as of December 1, 2019. For this, of course, is the modernized interface of the manufacturer – One UI 2.0.

It is recommended to download via WiFi network to reduce the costs associated with packet data transmission. However, I chose again before LTE and it lasted no more than 7 minutes.

Samsung recommends that you back up any important data before starting the update. to secure them during the upgrade. The upload process should not, however, affect the data stored in the phone's memory. However, as they say: the prudent always insured.

Samsung also adds that some applications should be updated separately after upgrading the operating system on the smartphone.

Full list of news



Dark mode
– Enhanced functions for image, text and color settings by day and night.
– Tinted wallpapers, widgets and alarms when you activate Dark Mode.

Icons and colors
– Clearer application icons and system colors.
– Optimized title and button layouts to use all screen space.

Smoother animations
– Advanced animations with touch function support.

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Full screen gestures
– New navigation gestures have been added.

Improved interactions
– More convenient navigation on large screens with minimal finger movements.
– Easily find the most important elements thanks to clearly illuminated buttons.

One-handed operation mode
– New ways to operate with one hand: double tap the start screen button or swipe down in the middle of the bottom of the screen.
– Settings have been moved to Settings> Advanced functions> One-handed operation.

– Improved large fonts and high contrast keyboard layouts.
– Listening to live speech and displaying it as text.

Better visibility of text on wallpapers
– Clearer text on the wallpaper thanks to the automatic setting of the font colors by One UI based on the detection of light and dark areas and contrast as seen in the image below.

Multimedia and devices
– The SmartThings panel of the Multimedia and devices menu has been replaced.
– Multimedia: control of music and movie playback via telephone and other devices.
– Devices: checking and controlling SmartThings devices directly from the quick panel.

– Added options for displaying the fingerprint icon when the screen is off. You can choose to display when you touch the screen or when the Always On Display function is enabled.

Device care
– The information displayed on the battery usage graph is now more detailed.
– Battery limit setting and other enhancements to the Wireless PowerShare feature have been added.

Device care
– The information displayed on the battery usage graph is now more detailed.
– Battery limit setting and other enhancements to the Wireless PowerShare feature have been added.

Digital well-being
– Set goals so you don't spend too much time in front of the phone screen.
– Focus mode helps turn off distracting signals on your phone.
– New parental controls help keep an eye on children.

The camera
– Added the ability to edit modes visible at the bottom of the screen.
– The More tab has been added for quick access to hidden modes from the preview screen.
– Layout improved. The settings menu no longer interferes with taking pictures.

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– Instant access to frequently used functions via the quick menu.
– More information on the application bar.
– Even more features thanks to the Galaxy Store add-ons.

Samsung contacts
– The Recycle Bin function has been added to the Contacts application. The contacts you delete will remain in the trash for 15 days before they are deleted forever.

– You can add stickers to dates without creating events.
– You can use ringtones as event alerts.

– More options are available for recurring reminders.
– Set reminders based on location at specific times.
– Share reminders for family group and other sharing groups.
– Set reminders for a specific date without alert.

My files
– A Recycle Bin feature has been created that allows you to restore files deleted by mistake.
– More filters added to facilitate file search.
– You can now copy and move multiple files and folders to different destinations at once.

– Speed ​​and time units have been added to the unit converter.

Car connected to the Internet
– The Android Auto application is now preloaded.

– Tips have been added to facilitate the use of the Galaxy device.
Gallery synchronization with OneDrive

– Provides natural and smooth alternating display of photos on the phone screen and computer thanks to integration with OneDrive.

TEST I have no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the king of the high shelf